Anna Rispoli is an artist, she carries out plastic and performative work on the issues of shared property, town planning, collective identity and civic engagement. Her projects come about as a result of field observations and, in particular, zones of urban conflict where she meets inhabitants to draw on their experiences and stories. These encounters aren’t as straightforward as all that, they involve a reflection on the ways we approach strangeness but also, sometimes, associating with adversity. How can we speak with what we have identified as the language of the enemy? How can we cross the border between apparently opposing positions, not to reconcile them in the fantasised about myth of the consensual community, but to enrich the ways we apprehend adversity and our methods of conflictual interaction which, don’t forget, are the basis of all democracy. Anna Rispoli invents a mechanism which enables us to make these questions, often repressed by our contemporary societies, something which can be experienced by everyone.