For this first edition of 3days4ideas La Bellone has joined forces with institutions and associative initiatives which share some of its values. Values linked to notions broached in this edition’s programme and, above all, values of openness, respect and social progress. Each in their own way the partners demonstrate a desire to engage in dialogues which will make it possible to improve our social relations and understanding of those who make up that society. La Bellone wants to say a big thank you to all its partners and all the people in their team who joined together with us to make this edition reality.

With La Bellone, the Beursschouwburg – inspirational platform for the arts and permanent space for dialogue between creative, intelligent Brussels inhabitants and artists – is one of the two venues for 3days4ideas. Also, at the end of each day, we visit our neighbours who are keen to provide spaces where it is safe to speak out: Le Lac, somewhere to gather, cohabit, exchange and share resources; Le Space where fresh hybrid identities from Brussels interconnect and emerge in a space governed by the principles of respect and solidarity; and Globe Aroma which welcomes actors born of immigration, active in the sector of integration or the arts. On our way we come across Passa Porta Brussels' international house of literature, a meeting place for literary enthusiasts from all cultural and linguistic walks of life.

Culture & Démocratie turns its work of reflection and observation, based on the right to participate in cultural life, territories, public spaces and migrations, to good account for 3days4ideas. Their newspaper 49 will be the extension of this edition. Alongside this, Radio Panik, community radio of expression and creation which gets involved on a social and cultural level, passes its microphone to the participants of 3days4ideas in order to give their liberated, diversified and independent words the chance to live on.

And because there’s nothing better than sharing a meal, every lunchtime of 3days4Ideas Les Gastrosophes, a successful food collection network, concocts sustenance for those present so we can relearn the pleasure of eating good, well-presented food.

La Bellone also wants to thank its team, the guardians who value and support its approach and all those who, from near or far, contribute to its curatorial or logistical reflections.

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