3days4ideas is a framework for exchanges and meetings, dedicated to the shaping of ideas to enable to think the contemporary societal issues. The reflection around these ideas through unique and appropriate conversation formats intends to be meaningful for all. 3days4ideas creates a space, between 6 different places in the centre of Brussels · La Bellone, Beursschouwburg, Passa Porta, Le Lac, Globe Aroma & Le Space · to share and to gather our forces, our resources and our acts of resistance.

Between 6 and 8 September, in the centre of Brussels where spaces for artistic creation, community centres and alternative spaces stand side by side, we will be inaugurating a scheme for encounters and conversations between different approaches and ways of "sharing an idea". 3days4ideas has organised a circuit between La Bellone, the Beursschouwburg, Passa Porta, Le Lac, Globe Aroma & Le Space where, in different ways and within specifically imagined formats linked to each idea presented, around fifteen participants from the artistic, academic and/or associative-militant field, welcome a group of attentive and curious spectators.

For this first edition of 3days4ideas, the days haven't been given a common theme but are rather geared towards generating a shared experience, by giving participants the opportunity to be moved between different ways of saying, doing, seeing, thinking, imagining. Because, in order to have an experience, you need diversity and the creation of a friendly space between the differences and this is what La Bellone, organisation behind 3days4ideas, has been devoting itself to over the past few years, and it's what it is sharing with us over these three days to kick off the new cultural season in style. Accompanied in its mission by thinkers, artists and community actors, La Bellone invents one of these missing space-times in which, amongst others, "forms of hospitality" are questioned after a "map of alternatives" has been drawn up and before the fictions of rights are explored. It lasts three days and nights and when they're over we'll celebrate the fact that "it has only just begun".


Gia Abrassart (founder of Café Congo and journalist),Rachida Aziz (creator of the space Le Space and activist), Laura Chaumont (Garance ASBL and militant), Roxanne Chinikar (Garance ASBL and militant), Daniel Blanga-Gubbay (researcher and curator), Claire Dehove (artist and director of WOS/Agence des hypothèses), Elsa Dorlin (political and social philosopher), Léa Drouet (theatre director), Monica Espina (theatre director and creator of Quebracho théâtre), Delphine Hesters (head of performing arts at Kunstunpunt, sociologist), Maria Kakogianni (writer and philosopher),Gérald Kurdian (musician and performer), Anna Rispoli (performer), Léopold Lambert (architect and editor-in-chief of The Funambulist Magazine), Mylène Lauzon (director of La Bellone and dramaturge), Camille Louis (philosopher and dramaturge), Camille Olivier (video maker and visual artist), Mireille-Tsheusi Robert (community researcher, president of BAMKO asbl), Adeline Rosenstein (theatre director, actor and author), Yvoire de Rosen (anthropo-sociologist and militant), Laurent de Sutter (law theorist), Sarah van Lamsweerde (visual artist and theatre director), Prince Youmle (community activist).

The artistic team of 3days4ideas