What Diversity? What Non-Diversity?

Stage for equality for some and communitarianism for others, non-diversity is a controversial theme for oppressed groups (people of African descent, women, LGBTQI+, people with a handicap, etc.) which consists in finding one another in the absence of people who are not undergoing the dynamics of the marginalisations they are forced to face up to. This method was particularly important to the United States during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, before it was tried out by feminist movements at the end of that same decade. Mireille-Tsheusi Robert is a community researcher and president of BAMKO asbl, a female, afro-descendant committee for anti-racist monitoring which produces analyses and studies, political pleas through decolonial art and direct actions to help victims of racism in Brussels. This in dialogue with Laura Chaumont and Roxanne Chinikar (Garance asbl), will tackle the concept of non-diversity and the need for non-mixed gatherings as a political tool. All three will discuss “racial” and gender non-diversity starting out from their associative practices and will place in parallel and in perspective their definitions and the way non-diversity is implemented in their daily lives as a militant.