Les Entretiens de l'Ambassade de la MétaNation

Claire Dehove is an artist and director of WOS/Agence des hypothèses of which Camille Olivier, video maker and visual artist, is also a member. Monica Espina is a theatre director, creator of Quebracho Théâtre. Together they founded the Embassy of the Meta-Nation which is setting up in Brussels for the first time ever in order to develop its interdependent community of Representatives within 3days4ideas. By using a test to tackle the issues of naturalisation, the Embassy of the Meta-Nation encourages the creation of ways of presenting yourself which elude the logics of identification and the restrictions of ID cards. The Embassy thus delivers a Meta-Nation Document to everyone who passes the interview-test. The interview-test opens the integration ritual and is an experience of disidentification. Everyone thus becomes a Representative, and is able to promote the human, animal, vegetable and elementary values of the Meta-Nation. Once the tests have been carried out and the Meta-Nation Documents have been issued, the Representatives form a community which exchanges views on the Anarchives of the Embassy and its resources, notably those stemming from Meta-Statistics. Each Representative can come up with extensions, suggestions, commitments. In its capacity as a cooperation authority, the Embassy wants to share the immaterial resources of the Meta-Nation of which it maximises the potential of the fictional future.