Who can speak ?

Maria Kakogianni is an author and philosopher, she is co-founder of the Phictions collective, at the intersection between philosophy and different forms of fiction (artistic, political and others). Her latest work, Printemps précaires des peuples (Divergences) investigates recent popular uprisings in an attempt to question the stories of defeat and, in spite of our political insomnia, piece together a few fictional hypotheses for new “rêvolutions”. Within the specific context of 3days4ideas, she puts on a workshop that is at the intersection of philosophy and experimentation, the aim of which is to examine the different facets of the question “Who can talk?”. It’s not just about noting the different removals or reductions of words of certain groups or subjectivities that have been marginalised by today’s polices/policies but also, and above all, about how together we can come up with alternatives to speak out these words (again) and, with them, catch our breath: breathe in, breathe out in a world and an era that seems to be asthmatic.