Hot Bodies – Choir

Gérald Kurdian is an artist-performer and during 3days4ideas he will be presenting the HOT BODIES Choirs which invent themselves together, spontaneously, in varied contexts. They bring women or MTF transgender individuals together around writing and choral singing. Experiences, ideas and practices are exchanged starting out from the collective reading of documents born of queer and feminist activisms (Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen by Olympe de Gouges, Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway, Scum Manifesto by Valérie Solanas, etc.) and moving towards the writing of revolutionary feminist texts. These unique, polyphonic and intractable documents thus form the basis of a hymn sheet put to electronic music by Gérald Kurdian, arranged together and performed in public by all the participants. HOT BODIES is the third project of the HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE! cycle, a practical thesis carried out by Gérald Kurdian since 2017 on the relationships that the feminist, queer, TransGayLesbian, LGBTQUIEA+ struggles have with collective forms of joys and utopias.

Concept Gerald Kurdian, Assistants Agnes Arsaelsdottir & Marion Schultz, Video Aloyse Leledy, Production Sarah Parolin, Administration Décor de l’envers // Living en Mars