Back to the Future

Mylène Lauzon and Camille Louis have been partners at La Bellone for 3 years, where one runs the institution and the other is an associate dramaturge. Curators of 3days4ideas, with Back to the Future they offer an immersion in the matters of the participants that they have invited, from what interests them in their work to the questionings and momentum that it arouses… Composed at the intersection of existing documents (text, visual and sound) proposed by the speakers and missing documents that we have to compose together, Back to the future questions and puts into practice what it is to create a shared remembrance in view of a future common. Set up in the gallery of the Beursschouwburg, this space will combine recent stories, memories that have been immediately generated in the course of the 3 days, and new narratives that are stimulated by the contact with so much diversity. It will take care to welcome the languages, the modes of writing and representations of each one so that the history is made really plural, in its content as in its form.